• 1999 Master Course work Plant and Soil Science
  • 1998 Certificate of Completion Hazardous Waste Institute
  • 1998 B.S. Agricultural and Bio Systems Engineering
  • 1986 Associate in Applied Science Paralegal Technology

Specialized Training

  • Rosgen Natural Channel Assessment and Design Levels 1 through 4
  • North Carolina Stream Restoration Institute - Advanced Stream Restoration and Design
  • HAZWOPER 40 hour
  • HAZWOPER 8 hour Supervisor

Current Position and Background:

Mrs. Blackmon joined HARP in 2006 as Operation Manger to assume the day to day responsibilities of HARP's operations. In 2007 Ms. Blackmon purchased Dr. Matthews controlling shares of stock of this employee owned business. Prior to her arrival at HARP Mrs. Blackmon was employed by a large international environmental services company where she oversaw the financial management of the southeast region and later moved on to project work as a staff engineer and scientist. Her background in contract management, financial and business management as well as environmental project work made her the perfect candidate to achieve the growth Dr. Matthews was looking for while allowing him to concentrate on field work.

Professional Experience:

Mrs. Blackmon has 13 years of environmental science and engineering experience. She has served as project manager as well as task manager variety of civil engineering, environmental and natural resources projects. She is trained in the Natural Channel Assessment and Design methodologies taught by Dave Rosgen, PhD. as well as methods taught by North Carolina 's Stream Restoration Institute. She has considerable stream restoration assessment and design experience as well as design and monitoring of storm water wetlands and constructed wetlands for waste water treatment. Her experiences in stream and water quality BMP design and monitoring includes stream crossing including culverts that combine geomorphic principles with traditional civil engineering methods. Mrs. Blackmon has extensive experience with stream and river monitoring and assessment which include geomorphic surveys, biological surveys as well as vegetation surveys.

Mrs. Blackmon has co-authored and presented three papers on the evaluation of soil erosion prediction models as compared to actual field measurements. Mrs. Blackmon also has a degree in paralegal technology supported by 15 years of experience in contract management, business development and financial business management.

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