Environmental Specialist
Division Manager


  • M.S., Geology. University of Georgia, Athens GA. 1997
  • B.S., Physics. Berry College, Rome, GA. 1991

Licenses and Certifications:

  • North Carolina Registered Landscape Contractor Number #1452
  • NC Ground Pesticide License # 026-25202

Current Position and Background:

Mr. Peoples manages two divisions within HARP; our restoration planting division and our invasive management division. Mr. Peoples holds a North Carolina Landscapers Contractors License and a North Carolina Ground Pesticide License. He has extensive experience with native vegetation and exotic, invasive vegetation. He is well versed in matching plant species to the habitat and in acquiring plants in the most cost effective manner. Mr. Peoples directs all of HARPs vegetation installation regardless of size. His responsibilities also include training personnel in the proper installation techniques for live stakes, bare root and containerized material.

Professional Experience:

Mr. Peoples served at project manager for the following projects:

  • Catawba Dam Reforestation Project: HARP installed 43,720 bare roots trees and shrubs on the site of the recently rehabilitated Catawba Dam at Lake James; construction performed by Phillips and Jordan, Inc.
  • Torrance Creek Stream Restoration Project: HARP installed 56,500 live stakes, 36,000 bare root trees and shrubs, 3,100 native tubelings trees and shrubs and 200 1" and 2" caliper native ball and burlap trees. Construction performed by Eaglewood, LLC.
  • McAlpine Stream Restoration Project: HARP installed 3,840 tubelings, 1,000 3 gallon native trees and shrubs and 10,700 live stakes for Mecklenburg County Storm Water Services. Construction performed by Blythe Development. Second phase of work will be planted during the 2011-2012 planting season.
  • Muddy Creek Stream Restoration Project. HARP installed 349 - 1" and 2" caliper native balled and burlap trees, 7,000 live stakes, 9,000 bare root native trees and shrubs for the City of Charlotte. Construction performed by Shamrock Environmental.
  • Indian Run Stream Restoration Project: HARP installed 3,700 live stakes, 5,780 bare root seedlings, 255 1 gallon native trees and shrubs and 380 native plugs in Cabarrus County. Construction performed by Land Mechanic Designs, Inc.
  • Wells Creek Stream Enhancement Project: HARP installed 1,445 containerized native trees and shrubs on this EEP stream enhancement project in Alamance County, NC.
  • Ironbound Stream Restoration Project. HARP installed 240 3' live stakes, 282 1 gallon native trees and shrubs in Williamsburg VA. Construction performed by Angler Environmental.
  • Rutland Stream Restoration Project. HARP installed 1,450 bare root trees and shrubs, 650 tubelings and 4,550 live stakes at this site in Rutland VA. Construction performed by Angler Environmental.
  • Davie Park Creek Stream Restoration Project. HARP installed 4,020 live stakes and 1,100 native bare roots and tubelings for Mecklenburg County. Construction performed by EQRI, LLC.
  • Twin Lakes Stream Restoration and Stormwater Pond Project. HARP installed 2,163 live stakes, 253 tubeings, 634 1 gallon native trees and shrubs and 21 native 1" caliper balled and burlap trees.
  • Lowes Lake Management Stormwater Wetland Project. HARP installed 43,000 herbaceous wetland plants as part of permitting requirements for Lowes Corporation Headquarters in Mooresville, NC.
  • Crosswinds Stromwater Ponds Project. HARP installed 3,549 herbaceous wetland plants for this City of Charlotte NC storm water management project. Construction performed by Baker AR.
  • Berewick Stormwater Ponds: HARP installed 1,401 herbaceous wetland plants for the Berewick Development Buckland Pond. Construction performed by Baker AR.
  • Hillandale Golf Course, Ellerbee Creek Restoration, Durham, NC. Installed 9,100 containerized trees, shrubs and herbs on the streambank and riparian areas
  • Wake Forest Country Club, Horse Creek Restoration, Wake Forest, NC. Installed 155 live stakes and 7,297 herbaceous plugs.
  • Freedom Park, Little Sugar Creek Restoration, Charlotte, NC. Installed 6,240 live stakes, 10,099 bare root shrubs, 10,376 woody plugs, and 85 containerized trees.
  • Little Sugar Creek Restoration - Westfield Dr., Charlotte, NC. Installed 7,095 live stakes, 10,600 bare root shrubs and trees, 101 potted shrubs and 425 herbaceoous plugs.
  • Hidden Valley Stream and Wetland Restoration, Wellingford St., Charlotte, NC. Installed 3050 live stakes, 631 bare root shrubs, 550 aquatic herbs, and 3,295 herbaceous plugs.
  • Brush Creek/Little Pine Creek Stream Restoration, Alleghany Co., NC. Installed 1,900 live stakes and 2,500 bare root trees
  • Kings Creek Stream Restoration, campus of Brevard College, Brevard, NC. Installed 6,500 live stakes, 2,020 bare root shrubs, 1,000 bare root trees, 448 herbaceous plugs.
  • Purlear Creek I - Stream Restoration, Wilkes Co., NC. Installed 10,000 live stakes and 7,200 bare root trees.
  • Purlear Creek II - Stream Restoration, Wilkes Co., NC. Installed 8,000 live stakes and 2,050 bare root trees.
  • Tree Planting Subcontractor, Conservation Services, Inc. United States Department of Agriculture Conservation Reserve Enhanced Program (CREP). Shenandoah Valley Area, Virginia. 2001-2003. Responsibilities included installation of bare root tree seedlings, protective shelters and landscape matting.
  • Tree Planting Contractor, Pineywoods Reforestation. Texas Department of Forestry. 1999-2000.
  • Tree Planting Contractor, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Barron County, Wisconsin. 1999.

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