Plant List

An Evaluation of Rain Garden Species for the Piedmont of the Carolinas

Dr. Larry Mellichamp, Professor of Biology UNC Charlotte,
Director of Botanical Gardens
Dr. Jim Matthews, Senior Botanist, Habitat Assessment and Restoration Program, Inc.

Habitat Assessment and Restoration Program, Inc. is pleased to provide this list of species and their ratings. We are hopeful that this list will help further the understanding and performance of rain gardens in the Piedmont of the Carolinas……

BETA TEST version - Please complete the information below, in order to access the list. Feel free to utilize this list to assist with your rain garden planting needs. We invite you to provide feed back about our assessments and ratings. You may provide responses via email, telephone or written correspondence at ,
or 301 McCullough Drive, 4th Floor, Charlotte, NC 28262.

To assist us with updating you when the list is revised or to provide you with lists for other geographic areas when they become available, please enter either your name and address or name and email address. You will be notified when changes occur.
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