Notice of Violation Management

Federal, State, and local sediment and erosion control ordinances and regulations are design to protect our countries natural resources, streams, wetlands, and sensitive habitats. They are often complex and change frequently. HARP has a team of scientists who stay abreast of the latest regulations affecting our client's site development activities. We can provide site and inspection compliance services for you, however if you are not currently our client and have been served with a Notice of Violation we may be able to help.

Our innovative restoration design team frequently provides Notice of Violation Mitigation plans, meets with regulators, arranges for restoration and cleanup efforts and helps developers restore damage to the environment caused by gaps in inspection, poor planning, or simply by accident.

If you have been served with an Notice of Violation, please give us the opportunity to help restore your site and good name.

Do your part to preserve and protect the environment...
Remember to reduce your consumption, reuse items when possible, recycle all you can, and call us to restore your streams and wetlands!

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