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Mailing Address
301 McCullough Drive, 4th Floor
Charlotte NC, 28262

  • Karri Cecil Blackmon, President
    Office: 704.841.2841
    Mobile: 336.362.6776
    Fax: 704.841.2447
  • James Matthews, PhD.
    Senior Botanist/Ecologist
    Chairman Board of Directors
    Office: 704.841.2841
    Mobile: 704.577.6717
    Fax 704.841.2447
  • T. Lawrence Mellichamp, PhD.
    Consulting Botanist
    Corporate Secretary
    Office 704.687.4055
    Fax: 704.687.3128

Do your part to preserve and protect the environment...
Remember to reduce your consumption, reuse items when possible, recycle all you can, and call us to restore your streams and wetlands!

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