Habitat Assessment & Restoration Professionals

Habitat Assessment and Restoration Professionals (HARP) have been restoring and protecting natural resources in the Carolinas and adjacent areas since the mid 1990's. Based in the Charlotte metro area, HARP's botanists, biologists and scientists can accommodate clients needs with small individual projects or large complex projects. HARP has gained a strong reputation across the Carolinas and is recognized by many regulatory agencies as a high quality consulting and services provider. Dr. Jim Matthews founded Habitat Assessment and Restoration Program (HARP) in partnership with Dr. Larry Mellichamp in the mid 1990's. As early as the 1960's, Dr. Jim Matthews and Dr. Mellichamp started surveying natural areas across North Carolina in search of rare and unusual plant species and plant communities. From this early beginning, HARP has evolved into one of the Carolinas most trusted botanical survey firms. And since those early beginnings HARP has grown steadily and today performs a wide variety of consulting and restoration services throughout Southeastern US including design-build services for stream and wetland restoration, bioengineering, 404/401 water quality permitting, wetland and stream delineation, site inspection, restoration planting, invasive plant species management as well as a host of other environmentally based services. Feel free to browse our site, ask questions or give us a call we are always here to help!!


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